Accommodation at our Lodge

With Queen Elizabeth National Park opening wide in front of each cottage offers breathtaking views of the park yonder to each of the 8 private, exclusive and tastefully appointed cottages. The lodge itself is designed in the 1920s safari style that takes you back to the Safari days of old. The cottages have been designed with a shelling at the back that holds the piping frame in place, this leads into your bathroom and toilet.

To keep the hot tropical heat in check during the day – the outer roofing of banana fiber or papyrus reeds do this amazingly. The cottages are built on locally available materials which is part of our conservation strategy. The cottages offers unlimited privacy, exclusivity and quietude. The cottages are spread across the lodge with 4 cottages on each side of the guest house and the small intimate swimming pool comprising of 3 doubles and 5 twins  with the ability of adding in an extra bed for guests traveling with children.

The lodge has no fences and guests are cautioned to be very careful while  leaving or going to their Cottages in the evenings. Guests are asked to request for an escort in/out of the rooms. The lodge has 4 armed Tourist police and 3 lodge security personnel at all times.

Perched above the walls of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the opulent cottages at Mazike Valley Lodge offer breathtaking views of the park, the Maramagambo rainforest and the Kazinga Channel.

The lodge is designed in a 1920’s safari style that takes guests back to the safaris days of old. Rooms are built with a wall at the back that leads to the bathroom and shower. The roofing is completed with traditional roofing materials like banana fibres to give it a local touch thereby offering one of the best Lodges in the Kyambura area, and indeed the whole of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Only 8 spacious and tastefully appointed cottages offer unlimited privacy, exclusivity and quiet. The cottages are spread across the camp with 4 on either side, separated in between by a small beautiful pool and the main guest area.


  • Only 8 tastefully appointed cottages
  • Comprising of 3 doubles and 5 twins
  • Stunning Location
  • Small intimate, private and exclusive lodge
  • Small intimate pool
  • Homely guest area
  • Private butler service
  • Aler-Carte Menus
  • A selection of great wines to compliment the dining experience
  • Breathtaking views of the Q.E.N.P
  • Home to diverse primates and bird species
  • Adjacent to Q.E.N.P home to the tree climbing lions and other plane game
  • The gorge itself is luxuriant, rich tropical rain forest and next to the Equator crossing
  • Easy access to other parks i.e. Kibale National Park for the Chimps, Ishasha for the tree climbing lions and Bwindi National Park for the gorillas.