Mazike Valley Lodge 3-4 days Honeymoon Package

Mazike Valley Lodge is one of the leading destinations in Uganda for Honeymoon tours, flying safaris and other unique safaris in par Africa in these great lakes region. We will arrange your honeymoon of your choice. We take all responsibilities to receive you at the various Points of Entry and book you in our honeymoon […]

The lion tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is another way of watching lions in the Kasenyi plains of Queen Elizabeth national park, besides the usual game drives. It is more less a research about these predators in the area. Radio collars have been placed in necks of lions to easily monitor their movement from moving to farer areas of the neighboring […]

Reasons to Visit Kyambura Gorge

Chimpanzees: this is the only place you will find chimps in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and one of the few sites in Uganda where you can interact with them. Unique scenery: Kyambura is a sunken underground rainforest surrounded by cascading cliffs and arid savannah, you won’t find a landscape like this anywhere else. Birds abound: Kyambura […]